New Coventry

Here you will find the history Of Coventry up until now.

See how Coventry has risen from the ashes and always stuck together.


One Coventry has a mission to bring back the bond between Coventry Businesses and organisations starting from simple strategies and communication.


The One Coventry Network Community will incorporate public marketing, promotion and Internet presence second to none.


To Joining the Community all you have to do is agree a simple rule of thumb, give your fellow Coventry businesses your best price.

This will start a trend, Every time you give a discount it allows the next Company to give one and so on.


With One Coventry's Help in the community which includes 8 Directories, a forum, already agreed Major Advertising opportunities, search engine optimisation Web Site Building and online marketing advice. We intend on making Coventry a major player in the UK Market and with your help Coventry will be the epicentre of the country.


We have the backing of the Legi Scheme and the Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce and Supported by the Federation of Small Businesses.