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About DVCam Tapes:


DVCAM stands for Digital Video Camera and was introduced by Sony as their professional DV format.  It is a robust variant of the DV format targeted towards professional videographers.   DVCAM uses a faster recording speed than DV which gives it the ability to do a frame accurate tape edit, a slight reduction in picture artifacts due to tape defects, the ability to pre-set time codes, locked audio to prevent audio sync issues.  DVCAM also uses up about 3 times the amount of tape as standard DV.  A DVCAM  can be recorded onto a standard DV size cassette 4 7/8 wide by 3 1/16 high and 9/16 deep or onto a miniDV cassette 2 9/16 wide by 1 7/8 high and 7/16 depth.


 Why transfer DVCAM to DVD?



DVCAM tapes degrade over time and your video memories are in danger.  In fact DVCAM tapes start to have noticeable degradation after just 5 years.  For more information about how DVCAM tapes degrade over time and how to store DVCAM tapes check our our How to Store and Care for Video Tapes article.




DVD Advantages are numerous.  DVDs are digital and can be copied without any quality loss.  You can easily playback DVDs making it easy to enjoy your DVCAM home videos.  Unlike a DVCAM tape DVDs don't have to be rewound and you can easily watch your favorite family memories over and over.  Plus DVDs take up less space than DVCAM tapes so you have plenty of room for more family video memories.


Why One Coventry DVCAM to DVD Transfer



Best Quality we began transferring video to DVD in 2000 for professional videographers.  We use Sony DSR 11 which is top of the line equipment and take great pride in producing the highest quality video from your DVCAM and MINIDV cam tapes.


Trusted and Safe we always provide the highest level of care for your DVCAM tapes.  One Coventry is one of the best preservation and archiving services in Coventry and we believe keeping DVCAM video memories alive is of utmost importance.  For over 10 years we have been preserving DVCAM video memories for future generations.




Outstanding Customer Service easily contact us via phone, or e-mail for assistance.  Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to help.



Easy to Use DVCAM to DVD transfer service.  Just place an order and send in your tapes and One Coventry do the work for you.  We will send you a DVD of each of your DVCAM tapes.  Plus you will get an e-mail as soon as your DVCAM tapes have been digitally converted so you can watch them online with our video website service



Other Video Transfer Services:


One Coventry's video transfer service makes it easy to transfer and preserve all of your family home video memories into one safe space. Our professional video transfer service supports all major video types including:




Mini DV to DVD transfer: Mini Dv cams have been around since 1994 this format provides a very good semi professional quality but for use at home. The tape consists of digital information rather than an anolog signal which is present in all previous forms of tape.


Our MiniDV Transfer service includes a suplied High Quality DVD with case and a printed cover if needed.


Mini DV to DVD Convertion is based on 2 time lengths/running times, 60 minutes (sp) and 90 minutes (LP).


The Mini DV format displays 520 lines of resolution on the televition screen and loses vurtually noQuality in the MiniDV to DVD process.

During the change over we are able to keep most of the detail intact and because the gear in the camcorders are prone to break ver easy and have a short life span we sugest convertion straight away.


Mini DV ha recently made the jump in to High Definition with is HDV format, while HDV offers higher bitrates, it uses the MPEG-2 Compression technique which can cause motion artifact and complication.







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