New Spyker Supercar To Be Built In Britain 




High-performance sports car maker Spyker has  announced it is to start producing its latest model of car , the C8 Aileron, in Coventry.



Spyker's LM85 model in Coventry, where many components are made

by Coventry prototype panels.



The lightweight aluminium cars, which can can  reach the hights of 190mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in a super fast 4.5 seconds, will now be assembled by Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP) in the Midlands Coventry.


"We're really excited to bring our production here because this is where the craftsmen are and this is where low-volume production can really excel," Spyker's chief executive Victor Muller Said.


"We'll create something like 40 jobs at Coventry Prototype Panels - our very first partner since 2000."


Until now, Coventry protype panels has been producing chassis and components for Spyker, then sending them to the Holland for final assembly.


At the new 20,000sq ft plant Whitley, Coventry, it has the potential to produce up to five cars a week.




Spyker's newest creation - the C8 Aileron - will now be assembled at the Coventry site.



"Spyker is a world-renowned name in the production and design of exclusive cars and Coventry Prototype Panels is extremely happy to now be playing a larger part in that success story," said Brendan O'Toole, CPP's managing director.


However, drivers excited by the prospect of buying a sports car that has been hand built in Britain may need to start saving - as the luxury vehicles sell at around £175,000 each.


There are currently only 250 Spyker cars on the road in the entire world.


"They're very quick super-sports cars, very exotic," Mr Muller said.


Spyker's announcement in Britain comes as the Dutch firm said it had secured the financing to close its purchase of the Swedish car brand Saab from General Motors.


However, the luxury carmaker still needs to finalise how it will settle the $24m (£15m)cash payment due by July 15 under the terms of the deal.


"We are looking at closing in the next week or two depending on the obtaining of the European investment bank approvals," Mr Muller said "This is fantastic news! but at the same time a sad reminder of a once strong, world domineering craft that is now the stuff of legend. When I look at the once proud history of Britain's performance/racing car and motorcycle industry I cant help feel a pang of hurt and regret that more wasn't done to keep our craftsmen at the forefront of development and production.


Porsche managed it, as well as BMW (with their M-series) and Italy have continually bailed out the exotic marques of Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini because of their national pride and love of their thoroughbred auto masterpieces.



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