B2B One Coventry's Community Network

Its our aim to build a huge network of businesses like you who all link together forming a great community for more sales for your company around the country and being placed at the top of the search engines.

“76% of people now check out businesses online before Visiting them”


We offer a full hours support and work every single month that you are with us. This could include SEO, text or image changes, advice on anything Web related, media or mail.


Many web building companies are unable to show you comparisons, customer satisfaction, or proof of success. Given all the time and money that they spend on getting new clients, this much is sure...


They would if they could.


This is your business future. Keep asking yourself, Coventry based Seo Go offers everything you need, where else have you seen such Quality for such a low price?


Let Us turn our knowledge in to your business success, Your success is our success like others on board who needed help like you , to sell e-goods and hard goods, to affiliates and Web professionals, empowering small business people like you!


Are they different than you? No, at one point, not too long ago, each was exactly where you are now. Right here, in this very spot of our web page, contemplating but not acting on getting a Web site. We have been given an opportunity to help you and other small business. They recognized that  is the right way to do business online.




The connections you and your business make are of paramount importance today.

Developing strategic relationships via networking events has been the traditional

 means of making new business contacts.

Today, the internet is becoming a meeting place in its own right. With advanced

communications technology now available, face-to-face meetings can be just as

rewarding and productive when conducted online.

Traditional networking events are increasingly giving way to online alternatives, as business leaders realise that cost and efficiency gains can be made by avoiding a physical networking event.




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