What is a Membership to One Coventry?


One Coventry is a membership scheme to  promote and unite Coventry businesses and show customers where you are and what you do.


The maximum number of members at any one time is one hundred and fifty, we do this so there is no conflict of interests, we also localise and never have more than 2 members with the same business interests.


The membership Details.



Firstly all members are joined in a Network which One Coventry proactively promotes in the media and online with a mail shot going out every month to thousands of businesses and customers.




We then add you to our 7 powerful Coventry directories which are all top ten on Google and other search engines. All our Members can be found in the top ten of Google for their company on our directories and their own websites.


We link all members together to provide a powerful linking system that boosts members profiles and all member use each other for their business needs with an agreed discount.


One Coventry will build you a social network adding you to our many blogs and social networking sites like Face book, MySpace, Twitter Ect showing offers and promotions to the thousands of fans, members and friends.


One Coventry has many networking events through the year at our conference centre and other venues like The Coventry Blaze who One Coventry Sponsor Coventry City again who One Coventry Sponsor.

This gives you an opportunity to meet fellow members and create new business.



One Coventry has an in house design, optimisation & programming team which is all at your disposal at a fraction of the cost to none members.




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One Coventry

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