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Mobile software development is the process of creating software which can be used on a mobile device. It also refers to the creation of special web and applications for mobile devices. This is often done using a mobile simulator on a personal computer.


Mobile software is developed by using different platforms and programming languages based on the target mobile device. There are many different hardware components found in mobile devices so their applications are developed using different software architectures. It is also made more difficult because users of mobile applications have diverse preferences so extensive improvements to traditional system development methodologies are required in order to keep up with this demand.


Most of the methodologies in use are based on the model-driven approach which has three different views of the application development process: (1) the application itself and its structure, (2) the business logic and (3) the graphical user interface of the application.


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What we do


We are a small but perfectly formed Smartphone application company based in the Midlands. We create apps for ourselves and for our clients and delight in pushing all Smartphones to their absolute limit to produce the perfect app.


We design, spec, manage, build and deliver applications for iPhones and Andriod handsets. We meet with you at all stages of the process, happy to adapt and develop the app at every stage and offer support and advice on strategy and marketing for your application. Each app that we develop is tailored specifically to the client’s needs; we have a whole project ethos and understand that every app we create reflects us as a company as well as the customer.


Where we are from


We come from a background in Marketing and over the years developed a bit of a thing for technology. Our enthusiasm grew when we discovered the iPhone, it became our underlying passion. We loved the iPhone and felt that the world was changing; websites were becoming a thing of the past and the app was the focal media point of the future.


The first non-game app that got us thinking was National Rail – a totally unexpected gem. Combining a timetable that updates in real time, location based train tracking and the ability to purchase tickets it opened the door for unlocking the exciting potential of the app, offering easy on-the-spot service.


Another app we found exciting was twitter – suddenly the tweet had found its spiritual home; having watched it grow with interest on our desktops it unexpectedly exploded to life on our handhelds. The advent of foursquare pushed this further, GPS tracking and social networking intertwined spelt both excitement and opportunity.

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