With so much new business being generated via websites, the need to have a website designed and built with online marketing at the core is one of the 3 main targets. It is no longer sufficient to simply make a website look good (although specifically designed for the customer is key) it is now all about how to promote a site on the internet, in order to turn searchers into visitors and visitors into customers. This all stems from the good design, layout, usability and function of a site.


Depending on the size of your site, its build quality can make or break it. A website home page (be it custom designed, flash, or ecommerce) must hold a visitor by showing information that they want to see. The first impressions are critical; what your company does and how you do it, your branding, and where information is posted on the site, all makes for a good and positive web visit.


But success is not just dependant on a good home page; it is making everything clear for the visitor and providing a simple journey through the site, starting from any page. As visitors may land anywhere on a site by clicking through from an advert or from a link on search engines, they must be able to navigate easily from that point in any direction.


The whole nature of the way people use the internet for information has changed. People require information very quickly and tend not to have the patience to hunt around on a website or wait for it to load. Get a website right and a link can become a customer, advocate and loyal supporter. Get it wrong and it will be an uphill battle to gain a potential client.


The web is an ideal place to actively seek a prospective customer.


Everything you need to know Before starting out on the internet.