The Internet.

Here at one coventry we understand the trials and tribulations of the internet and how for some people, it is just  like another new fangled thing which will possibly fade away like the betamax Video.


The one Fact is that the internet is here to stay!. Not only is it going to stay it is going to get biger and bigger, so big infact that in the future all items will possibly be ordered online and the weekly trip to the shop will have vanished like the Vhs.


So What can we do?


We can learn the basics and decide where to go

from there, do you want to learn more? like promoting your business online to keep up with

your competitors, or at least learn enough so that if a company did the work, you could see and understand what they have done.


One Coventry can assit you on all things internet, from learning the basics to simple internet marketing. Please Call us for any internet questions, One coventry Can provide everything from Basic Training to creating a full Search Engine Optimisation and marketing Campaign.


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Everything you need to know about internet marketing.

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