Internet Marketing part 4

Internet Marketing Plan Step 4 Creating Ad Content.



Internet marketing works best when you focus only on two or three things.

You may have a variety of products but only pick items that are good sellers and have a solid appeal to your target market for your marketing campaign.




Next ask yourself, "What am I selling"? It's rarely the product or service. You are selling a benefit, something that registers at the emotional level. If you are selling football boots, for example, you're selling the excitement of scoring the winning goal. If you are selling cosmetics, you're selling beauty.




The most successful ads use words that relate to the customer. Use You and Yours and never put the focus on Me, Mine, Our, My or We. Create several emotional words associated with the product - fun, comforting, relaxing, stimulating, addictive - and use at least one of them in the ad.

Coupons are also an effective marketing tool. They can be easily tracked either manually or by an automated shopping cart system. Use different codes for different advertising locations and you'll quickly see which ones get the best attention.





Create a text ad for each item in your Internet marketing campaign, making sure to hit at least one to three prime keywords in the text. Text ads typically run 60 characters wide by 3, 5, 7 or 10 lines long.

Once you have your text ads, go through your banner inventory. Do you need to update them with a holiday specific message? Does every image have an appropriate ALT tag? Is the graphic properly optimized for size (under 20-50kb) and resolution (72dpi)?


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everything you have on one page optimise all pages for just 3-4 main items