Internet Marketing part 2

If you are going to atempt to do it yourself here is a guide to what  is involved.


If after a few months you find that your site is still not listed in the search engines, go through the search engine submission process again. First though, take a hard objective look at your web site to make sure the basics are covered:



• Is the navigation of your site easy to understand and use?


• Do visitors understand quickly, upon their arrival, the purpose and subject of your site?


• Is there enough descriptive, keyword rich text on the home page?


• Are you inadvertently using spam techniques?


Are you planning for explosive sales this year through an effective, organised Internet marketing campaign or are you maintaining your status quo and hoping for the best?

A planned, organised Internet marketing campaign with rotation through a variety of targeted sites, directories and venues is hard to coordinate for someone who is new to the Internet marketing business and could cost a lot of money if spent on dead ends.


A Marketing Campaign does not need to cost a great deal of money and can generate traffic and sales faster than search engine submissions alone. It takes a bit of research and a solid knowledge of your target customer, but you can plan and implement a simple marketing campaign in the space of a dedicated week.




A Five Step Marketing Plan follows,

created by our  Seo Guru Anthony Johnson (CIM)


For Internet marketing for small business. By doing each of the actions, you'll end up with an effective marketing campaign, creating a marketing plan that can be implemented immediately and begin reaping you sales successes.



Step 1 - Defining Your Customer

Defining your customer is as important as defining your products or naming your business. If you have not yet done a marketing plan within your business plan, then you need to do this exercise. If you already have this in your business plan, you can skip ahead to Step 2.




Answer these questions as honestly as you can. In other words, don't project your expectations  on them. What is your perfect customer really like?


• Is my perfect customer male or female?


• Does my perfect customer work out of the home or in the home?


• What is the job profile of my perfect customer, an executive, manager, worker, entrepreneur, stay-at-home parent, etc.


• What is the net household income of my perfect customer?


• What level of education does my perfect customer have?


• Does my perfect customer have room in her spending budget for my product/service on a one time, occasional or constant basis?


• How do my perfect customers use my product/service - do they buy it for themselves or as a gift?


• Does my perfect customer spend a lot, some or minimal time on the Internet?

•Where does my perfect customer look for my product/service? Both online and in physical locations?


One Coventry will do all this with advice, tips and guides to glide you through the process with ease.

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