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The Institute of Directors (IoD) is pushing for a reform of directors and officers (D&O) insurance after the recent acquittal of four executives at technology company iSoft. D&O cover is meant to indemnity insurance cover for directors and officers, but the

precedent set by the iSoft trial has the IoD worried. The four iSoft directors, though acquitted, had to fund their own legal battles against accusations that they conspired to make misleading financial statements. Their D&O insurer stated that they had violated the terms of their cover and would not receive defence costs pursuant

to their policy.

The insurer declined to pay out before hearing an official verdict, prompting some in the industry to

label the insurer’s actions as misrepresentation. Critics attest that there is a need in the industry to ensure

that D&O policies are fit to serve their purpose of indemnity Insurance for directors and officers.

Critics are pointing to another dangerous precedent: insurers playing judge and jury’ before policyholders actually appear before a judge and jury. The iSoft directors self-funded seven years of legal counsel before their acquittal, but their insurer was initially

convinced of their guilt and subsequently refused to provide legal protection.

The IoD cautions that this sort of insurer leeway could burden directors and officers with undue risk, making them responsible for financing their own legal counsel because their insurance does not always provide cover.

The IoD is bringing this issue to the forefront because it wants to stop insurers from avoiding paying claims for tenuous, unsupported reasons.

The iSoft directors insist that insurers’ ability to do this not only contributed to their financial losses that spanned

seven years, but also caused them to suffer ill health as a result of unrelenting and unforeseen stress.


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