Indian Restaurants in Coventry

Bangles Indian Restaurant

149, Far Gosford St, CV1


Bengal Brasserie Indian restaurant

 349-351, Kenilworth Rd, Balsall Common, CV7

 No reviews yet


Bengal Spice Bangladeshi Restaurant

 49, Corporation St, CV1

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Cafe Spice Indian food Restaurant

 244, Hipswell Highway, CV2

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Cafe Tamarinds Pan-Asian Cuisine

 376, Kenilworth Rd, Balsall Common, CV7

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Desi Dish

 83, Far Gosford St, CV1

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 Masala Club Curry House

 235-239, Station Rd, Balsall Common, CV7

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Quick Stop Balti food

 80, Far Gosford St, CV1

 No reviews yet




The Monsoon Restaurant

 20-21, Far Gosford St, CV1

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The Ocean

 46, Jubilee Crescent, CV6


This Is a very nice little place, If they have the fish try it that is what the awards are for, It turns out that the Waiter (very funny guy) is acually the award winning Chef!




Turmeric Gold Dining Rooms of India

 166, Spon St, CV1


 The first time I visited this restaurant I really enjoyed the food and service, the last time I visited it was poor food and bad service so I have rated 2 and will return one last time as I really did enjoy it the first time and everyone deserves a second chance right?



Royal Bengal

172, Albany Rd, CV5

No reviews yet



Royal Spice

88, Baginton Rd, CV3

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Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines across the globe. The cuisine is popular not only among the large Indian diaspora but also among the mainstream population of North America and Europe. In 2003, there were as many as 10,000 restaurants serving Indian cuisine in England alone. A survey held in 2007 revealed that more than 1,200 Indian food products have been introduced in the United States since 2000. According to Britain's Food Standards Agency, the Indian food industry in the United Kingdom is worth £3.2 billion, accounts for two-thirds of all eating out and serves about 2.5 million British customers every week.


North Eastern

See also: Cuisine of Assam, Naga cuisine, Sikkimese cuisine, and Tripuri cuisine

The food of the North East is very different from other parts of India. This area's cuisine is more influenced by its neighbours, namely Burma and the People's Republic of China. For example it uses less of the well known spices that are popular in other parts of India. Yak is a popular meat in this region of India.


Akbars Earsdon Coventry