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Online marketing isnt easy and its not an overnight proposition; could be weeks, months or years of Internet marketing before your Web site becomes viable. Don’t stop reading yet --So why do you or the person selling to you think facebook likes is the answer?


YOu should do a little research and see just how easy it is to get genuine facebook likes a not fake one which some one has created from hundreds of Gmail acounts a stealing photos from peoples accounts! I know, it happend to a family member.




This is what drove me to investigate the how to get facebook likes scam, its easy to find out if the facebooks likes are real with just a little research, Google the names, see if 1 they are an Seo in disguise! or to if the have another facebook account which is accually the real one.



You also need to ask said how to get facebook likes salesmen what you acually need these likes for, and which you expect to achive with it? do you know why your buying face book likes?  I have been reading a lot of stories about facebook like success, but alot of this is just the retail trade, not your local builder or plumber.



YOu also need to know not to put all your eggs in one basket! dont right off SEO just because you now have a social media campaign, they can a do run side by side to create a stronger internet marketing campaign. Also remember Facebook is not the only Social media platform out there!





Also look for niche regional and local directories, and directories that are specific to your type of business. For example, if you do a search on Google for "Coventry business directory", you'll see a number of places offering search engine submission. Almost all the other "major" search engines now charge a fee to get listed, or are just not worth the effort of search engine submission.Avoid Free-for-All listings , link farms and the majority of Award sites.




If your gut says it's a bad idea, it probably is. What we can’t emphasise enough is that you take the time to find the right search engine submission category.




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