The masterplan

The University’s campus provides the learning environment in which students from all backgrounds can achieve their ambitions whether they are studying for a first degree or developing their knowledge and skills later in their careers.


The estate is also the physical interface for our research and consultancy work with business and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors. It must support those partnerships effectively so that the University can make its proper contribution to economic productivity and service effectiveness in the city, region and country.


Increasingly, our students and staff expect to be able to learn, teach and undertake research in technologically ‘smart’ ways. The estates infrastructure must enable this and anticipate developments in electronic communications and digital media which will impact deeply on the ways we work in the future.


This section sets out the vision and plans for the development of Coventry University’s estate over the next twenty years. The University has an ambitious agenda which will be achieved through successful partnership with the City Council and other organisations with a shared vision for enhancement of the city’s built environment, its economic prosperity and social wellbeing. It supports the region’s economic and skills strategies and underpins the University’s engagement with national and European priorities.