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Coventry builders and construction workers are employed in the construction industry and work predominantly on construction sites and are typically engaged in aspects of the industry other than design or finance. The term includes general construction workers, also referred to as labourers and members of specialist trades such electricians, carpenters and plumbers.


The construction industry is the most dangerous land based civilian work sector. In the European Union, the fatal accident rate is nearly 13 workers per 100,000 as against 5 per 100,000 for the all sector average.


The problem is not that the hazards and risks are unknown, it is that they are very difficult to control in a constantly changing work environment. The two biggest safety hazards on site are falls from height and vehicles, but there are many more (electricity and being buried while working in excavations being two more examples). Some of the main health hazards on site are asbestos, solvents, noise, cement dust, and manual handling activities.


Under European Union Law, there are European Union Directives in place to protect workers, notably Directive 89/391 (the Framework Directive) and Directive 92/57 (the Temporary and Mobile Sites Directive). This legislation is transposed into the Member States and places requirements on employers (and others) to assess and protect workers health and safety. Due to their contract and the state law most construction workers are not allowed to take anything motorized to work. Most workers in Coventry get and leave work by car pool,bikes,etc.



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